What to do with a 24 hour Layover in Singapore

When booking my ticket I purposely made sure it stopped with a long layover in another country that I wanted to visit. In this case it was Singapore.

We only had about 14 hours to play with, but that was more than enough time to see the “hot spots.”

After going through customs, which the line was “non existent”, so we were able to get our passports stamped and breeze on through.

We caught a taxi from the airport to the Art and Science Museum. I wanted to take Carson to “Future World.” Which is an exhibit in the museum where everything is futuristic and digital. Tons of fun for the kids.

We were ready for dinner after the museum so we headed next door to the Marina Bay Sands Mall.

In the mall there is a huge chandelier and under it is somewhat of a play area for kids where digital koi fish move under their feet. It was $5 SGD to get in and well worth it for him to burn off some energy.

After letting him run around we walked about 5 minutes to the Famous SuperGrove trees. At 7:45 pm and 8:45 pm they have an amazing light show. Get there early for a good seat. It’s free to enter. You only pay to go on the OCBC skywalk. There were several other gardens and activities nearby as well such as the children’s garden, the sky deck at marina bay sands, the Singapore Flyer and more.

About 20 minutes waking distance away from the Marina Bay Sands Area is Bugis street. Bugis street is where you will find tour souvenirs, some good street food and shops.

After exploring the city, we headed back to the airport to do some more exploring.

If you don’t know, there is a ton of things to do at the Singapore Airport, from shows,to gardens, to the worlds largest indoor waterfall. It takes hours just to see half of it.

The one thing I liked about Singapore was that all the major things to see and do were walking distance from each other, so there was no need for a taxi to go everywhere. The exchange rate for money isn’t as good as Indonesia, but it was still worth the trip.

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