What I love about Singapore Airlines

•Their economy seats are very roomy and has more then enough leg room •The food is actually pretty good. It’s a lot of Asian options, but that’s to be expected. You actually get a choice of two options for each meal. Make sure to book your child’s meal IN ADVANCE online. •They love kids. Carson made a friend with a flight attendant on every leg of the flight. Anytime he got a little fussy they came rushing over with snacks and milk to make him happy! •When booking a flight with a kid on your reservation your seat selection is free •2 free check bags included •For my turn up parents alcohol is free. Wine, beer, whiskey, gin etc is all included with your ticket. Get as much as you want, just be responsible. •Their in-flight entertainment is really good. It features a ton of movies, tv shows, a kids mode and games. The even have a game controller at the back of each seat for my Pac-Man and Tetris players. •Carson loved the hot towels at the beginning and end of each flight •They give each kid a special pair of headphones and a coloring book to keep them busy •They give out little pouches that include, tooth bush and toothpaste, compression socks and soap to freshen up.

I’ve flown many airlines both domestic and international and so far Singapore is one of my favorites

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