Traveling with A Car Seat

I have had many people inquire about how I travel with Carson’s car seat.

Do I take his Car Seat on the plane with me?

No I do not. When he was a lap child I flew while holding him. If you decide to use a car seat on the plane for a lap child, you will have to pay for the extra seat. Now that I have to pay for his tickets (because hes two), I still don’t plan on bringing his seat on the plane. Because I fly alone I prefer to check his car seat because it’s too much of a hassle to carry throughout the airport while trying to wrangle a toddler. He ends up laying in my lap during the flight anyways.

Best Car Seat for Travel

Once my son needed a forward facing seat, I tried traveling with the Graco Baby Extend to Fit Convertible car seat we bought him. It was ENTIRELY too heavy and did damage to my back, even while using the Car Seat bag. So I decided to buy him a new seat just for traveling that was lightweight. I got a great deal on his seat by trading in his infant seat during Targets Car Seat Trade in event and got 30% off of my new seat. I bought the Evenflo Sonus Convertible Car Seat. I recommend getting a lightweight car seat

specifically for travel.

Gate Check vs Checking at a ticket counter

There are pros and cons to both. Personally, I prefer to check my car seat at the ticket counter. Like I’ve stated before, it’s too much for me to carry a car seat through the airport traveling alone with my son. But although this works for me, I’m risking my car seat being loss in transition, which has happened before. Although I was given a replacement by the airline until mine arrived, I still wanted the original one I purchased.

Car Seat Travel Bags

There are several different brands of Car seat bags, my personal favorite is the Bricca Car Seat Bag. (pictured) It serves as a back pack for hands free travel, or it can be rolled like a suitcase. It has a deep front pocket, water resistant, and durable. I have had my sons for 2 years and it’s still in pretty good shape after all these years. It was $30 on

*One hack I do with this Car seat bag is whenever I feel like my bag may be over 50lbs, I put a few pairs of jeans or my boots in the Car seat bag instead.

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