Tips on Surviving your first flight with an Infant

Carson’s very FIRST FLIGHT happened when he was a little over 3 months and we were heading to Denver, CO for him to meet my family. I was TERRIFIED first off because I was flying alone with him, but my mind also thought of all the what if’s and of course will he scream the entire 2 hour flight. But he did amazing!

Survival Tips: 1. Pack your diaper bag a few days early! DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! This allows you to add items you may have forgot originally that cross your mind at a later day. Make sure you also know what zipper everything is in. It makes it so much easier to find things when the little one gets fussy.

2. Pack enough diapers, food, toys, medicine, milk, etc for delays, cancellations etc

3. You CAN bring formula , baby bottles with water, and breastmilk through TSA!!!

4. One thing that worked for me and STILL works for me till this day, was keeping Carson up in the airport as long as possible so that he slept the entire flight.

5. Feed or let your little one suck a pacifier for take off and landing! If they are sleep during these times, don’t wake them let them sleep. 6. Because I travel alone a lot, I chose to wear him in his carrier vs bringing his stroller. It was too much of a hassle folding and unfolding it for security, taking it to the gate, getting tags etc.

7. You can either take the car seat on the plane (must pay for extra seat), check it at the ticketing counter, or check it at the gate. I prefer to do it at the ticket counter because I don’t want to carry it around, but everyone is different.

8. Last but not least board during FAMILY BOARDING. This allows you to get prepared for the flight. You have time to get on the plane, get the baby adjusted, make a bottle etc without feeing rushed

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