Tips for traveling during Flu/RSV Season

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

So its the time of the year for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, being surrounded by family and friends, and...........FLU SEASON!!!!

I am VERY CAUTIOUS during this time of year while traveling with Carson. At 5 weeks old, I almost lost Carson due to the RSV Virus (Respiratory Syncytial Virus). Its one of the worst feelings being told (as a first time mother) that you cant hold or touch your child, even when they are crying out for you.

My intentions aren't to scare you, but to equip you with the tools to surviive traveling during flu season.

Here are some tips to take when traveling during Flu Season.

1. Wipe EVERYTHING down.

Wipe down anything you think you or your child may touch.

With infants this is easier because they typically just stay in your arms. But for toddlers and up they want to touch and feel everything from the seat belt, to the tray table, to the window, to the safety guide, and armrest.

Lysol has travel size wipes that easily fit inside your diaper bag. I recommend getting on the plane early when they call for people traveling with children so that you have adequate time to disinfect before the person sitting next to you gets on.

2. It’s OKAY to tell someone not to touch your child

People in the airport love kids, especially the little ones and they want to touch their head, or hand etc. It’s okay to set your rules and boundaries for your children and not feel bad about it. Its flu and RSV season, so they should understand, and if they don't.....WHO CARES?

At the end of the day, you are the one who must be with the child if they get sick, not them.

3. Wash your hands as much as possible, as well as your child's hands. Especially toddlers.

4. Make sure you and your child are up to date on immunizations (if you are a parent who vaccinates)

5. If you are sitting next to a passenger who is sick, it’s okay to ask the flight attendant for a different seat.

Parents it’s okay to be a “Smother Mother” during this time of year without feeling guilty.

I know you cant prevent EVERYTHING when it comes to your child becoming sick, but you can do the best you can.

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