Tips for Flying Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines; the airline everyone loves to hate. I personally have never had a bad experience on Spirit (knock on wood). I have flown them to Orlando, Mexico and even Colombia. Carson and I are all about saving as much money as possible, and that is the reason why Spirit Airlines is one of our go to airlines.

Here are some tips for flying Spirit Airlines.

Buy plane tickets at the counter:

Here’s a hack that you should consider if you live near the airport. Did you know that by buying tickets at the airport vs online allows you to save money on your ticket?

When tickets are bought at the counter the eliminate your passenger usage fee.

Here’s an example:

Carson’s birthday trip to Colombia was about $550 online for the two of us. I purchased our tickets at the airport and our tickets were only $420.

Another airline that allows you to get tickets at the check in counter for much cheaper than the online advertised price is Frontier Airlines.

The only things you need when purchasing a ticket at the Spirit Airlines check-in counter are the names and date of birth of each passengers, (passports if international) as well as a credit card. The Spirit Airlines check in counter no longer accepts cash.

Purchasing Spirit Airlines Seats

Spirit Airlines gives you the option to choose a seat for an extra charge when purchasing a ticket.

If you don’t care about seating arrangements, then they can be assigned a random seat at check in free of charge. If you are not pleased with your seat assignment, make sure you get to the airport early, to request to be seated next to your child. If there is an available seat or row, the agent should be able to move you around.

The only thing I don’t like about Spirit seats is the fact that they don’t recline. But flying with Carson, I am able to have extra space because he is small and like to be on my lap anyways.

For those who want extra space, Spirit has big front seats which are like business class seats for an extra price. I have purchased those seats plenty of times before for Carson and I, and we enjoyed a super comfortable flight.

Baggage on Spirit

It is EXTREMELY important to make sure that you understand the Spirit Airline baggage fees and restrictions. You must learn to pack smart and light so that the baggage fees don’t effect you.

Carson and I are TEAM PERSONAL ITEM, when we fly Spirit, because the baggage fees even for a carry on are OUTRAGEOUS.

One personal item sized 18in X 14in X 8in is included with your ticket purchase which is the bare fare. This is the size of a small backpack or under the seat carry on. If you are flying with a baby, you also get the luxury of an extra bag for the baby’s diaper bag.

Checking strollers and car seats is free as well.

The picture below is what Carson and I traveled to Colombia with on Spirit Airlines. (The black bag is his Travel Stroller)

Checking In

The quickest and cheapest way to check in when flying Spirit Airlines is to so the Spirit Airlines check in online.

Waiting to check in at the airport will cost you $10. The $10 is actually charged to print each boarding pass.

In order to avoid the Spirit Airlines check in fee, make sure to check in online. Don’t forget to print out your pass at home before you arrive at the airport.

If you are flying International on Spirit Airlines, then the system will not allow you to print the passes at home because the ticketing agent needs to check your passports. Don’t worry you

aren’t charged for getting them printed at the airport.

Pack Plenty of Snacks for the Flight

Spirit airline charges for EVERYTHING, and when I say everything, I mean water also.

Make sure to eat before your flight and pack a few snacks to take with you so that you don’t have to spend any extra money.

Every now and then, Carson finesses a flight attendant and they bring Carson a snack box free of charge because they love his personality.

I hope these tips help you to see Spirit Airlines in a different light!!!

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