10 Things to Pack in your diaper bag for a flight

Packing your diaper bag as a mom, let alone a first time mom can be tricky because you want to make sure you have EVERYTHING for a “what if” scenario. Packing a diaper bag can be different depending on what age your little one is. Lets start with the type of diaper bag that I recommend for traveling. Personally backpacks worked best for me. The diaper bag that I received from my mom was perfect. It’s the Lekebaby Diaper Bag Backpack.

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Generic-MB-1302G…/…/ref=sr_1_28_s_it…

This backpack was amazing. It is fashionable for an everyday mom or dad and super comfortable. The adjustable straps are padded so you didn’t have to worry about it cutting into your shoulders when the bag is too heavy. This bag consists of 18 pockets which is heaven for us organized moms, 2 outside bottle holders, 4 inside bottle holders that are insulated to keep your baby’s milk cold, a waterproof lining, a hook to clip your keys to so you don’t lose them, and just has plenty of space. They have different makes a models to suit whatever color or design you prefer.

Now on to what to pack in your diaper bag for a flight:

1.Diapers/ Wipes Depending on the flight time, if a layover is required, etc will influence the amount of diapers needed. My rule of thumb is to bring 5 more than the number you are thinking in your head. You never know if the flight will be delayed, or if the baby has a diarrhea day and I would rather have more diapers to be prepared for any scenario.

2.Breast Milk, Formula, Baby Food, Snacks etc The items you will need, depends on the age. Amounts and getting them through TSA will be covered in an separate post. Just know that when you are traveling with a baby, formula, breast milks, baby juice, distilled water , food etc IS currently ALLOWED through TSA.

3.Something to keep your child entertained Whether you are traveling with an infant, a 9 month old, or a toddler, you will need something to keep them busy. When Carson was a baby, I brought his teether and something that had a lot of colors that kept him intrigued. Now as a toddler, I bring his favorite toy truck, his tablet of course (these kids and technology), and his Thomas the train.

4.A small hand sanitizer and a travel pack of Lysol wipes Its currently flu season so BOTH come in handy on those nasty planes

5. DO NOT FORGET THE PACIFIER (plus an extra one or two) Why will be detailed in a separate post.

6.Any medicine your child absolutely NEEDS. By this I mean epi-pen, asthma medicine etc. Something that if your suitcase was lost in flight, that you could not walk into a convenient store to get without a prescription. I recommend putting liquids in a quart sized bag to get through security. I also recommend buying a small diaper rash cream to pack, those diaper rashes come out of nowhere and are painful. *Of course if you are traveling with a teething baby I would keep the pain reliever nearby too.

7.Blanket/ Burp Cloth/ Bibs Planes as we all know are cold, so please bring a light blanket for your baby (especially infants) to keep them warm. And burp cloths and bibs are always needed for those bottle drinking babies.

8.An extra pair or two of clothes. I cannot stress to you enough the importance of this. Kids whether infants, toddlers, and above will need to have an extra outfit handy. For infants I’m sure all of us parents have been through the throw-up phase as well as the infamous blowout phase. For toddlers the spilling of food or juice or the potty training woes. I also recommend grabbing a plastic bag from home and throwing it in your diaper bag to put the dirty clothes. An extra pair of clothes is needed for sure.

9.A changing pad Most airports are starting to provide the thin paper towel disposable pad, but I prefer to have my own.

10.A gallon Ziploc bag . Why you may ask? This is a tip that will be shared in a separate post.

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