Pura Lempuyang Temple

•If you want to take the famous “Gates of Heaven” picture, Arrive as EARLY AS POSSIBLE, especially if you are bringing little ones!!! We got there at 7:30 and had a 30 min wait, but lines can get up to an hour or longer wait. •You must wear a sarong and Shaw to cover your shoulders. It’s a sign of respect. •No kissing in temple •Women on their “monthly” should not enter. Women are considered un-pure during that time •It is a steep 5 min uphill walk, to get to the temple from the parking. So BE WARNED! •Strollers ARE ALLOWED in temple •There’s a man under the umbrella who will use your phone to take your photos for you!

The “Gates of Heaven” photo I’m sure many of you, when researching Bali, have seen the famous Gates of Heaven photo. Where you stand between two concrete post and your reflection hits the water. Well hate to bust your bubble, but there’s NO WATER there. It’s an illusion. The man who takes your photo puts some type of mirror device on the top of your phone to make it look like water below. Make sure you don’t have a case on your phone so that the reflection is correct. It’s totally worth the wait for the perfect shot!!!!

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