Potty Training and Traveling

When we went to Indonesia, we were at the peak of Carson’s potty training! He was doing so great at school and home that I didn’t want him to back track from being on this trip.

I researched several travel potties and came across the Potette Plus 2 in 1 Travel Potty. It was a LIFESAVER!!! He only had a pull up on during tours and naps. Other then that, he stayed on track with his potty training during our two week vacation!

Things I love: •It’s compact and can fit in a diaper bag or purse •It has a collapsible potty liner •it comes with disposable, absorbable bags for If your out and about and your toddler has to go! •It comes with antibacterial wipes •Has a travel bag •Wings of structure fold out to fit on a big toilet •One end of potty seat is higher to serve as a splash guard for those messy little boys!

Tips: •Make sure a week before your trip, you only let your little one use this potty seat to get accustomed to it. •Make sure you lock to legs in so it doesn’t collapse when your toddler takes a seat.

Bought on Amazon $34.00


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