Our Day Trip to Bowling Green, KY

A little over an hour outside of Nashville, is Bowling Green, Kentucky. I decided while we were in Nashville, we might as well do a “Day Trip” to check it out.

Stop #1: Dinosaur World

If you truly are a Traveling with the Taylor's fan, then you know that Carson’s favorite thing out side of traveling is, DINOSAURS. So, when we pulled up to Dinosaur World you already know his level of excitement was on 100.

Dinosaur World is similar to a low budget Jurassic World (if you have seen the movie) It was $8.00, for the walking trail and the museum (children 2 and under are FREE.)

The park has over 150 life sized dinosaur replicas throughout the walking trail in the park. In front of each model is a plaque with the name, and history behind the dinosaur. Carson was on “cloud nine.”

Due to COVID there were parts of the park closed such as the playground, boneyard, and fossil dig. Since they were closed, they gave a Carson a free baggie full of fossils for him to take home as a souvenir.

I would definitely recommend this place if you have younger kids who absolutely LOVE Dinos!

Stop #2: Chaney Dairy Barn

After all the excitement at Dinosaur World, we were read for lunch. Chaney’s Dairy Barn allows you to have an amazing lunch while still getting a feel of the country. All their dairy products come from the cows on their farm. We got s grilled cheese sandwich, chocolate milk and Ice cream of course and it was so fresh and AMAZING!!!

Due to COVID, a lot of the attractions on the farm were closed. Such as the playground, hayrides, and more.

Chaney’s Dairy Barn typically has guided tours of the facility, but due to COVID, they only offered self-guided tours. Since I went to school for Animal Science, and one of my classes was Dairy Science, I was able to teach Carson about the process of milk products on my own. He was even able to view the milking process.

I would visit Chaney’s again. Try the Bourbon Ice Cream if you go, you won’t be disappointed.

Stop #3 Aviation Heritage Park

About 10 minutes away from the Dairy Barn is a Aviation Heritage Park. Aviation Heritage Park is a free park that features aircraft telling the stories of Vietnam War aviators, a T-38 trainer flown by every Mercury, Gemini and Apollo astronaut, and a Cub honoring an African American woman who trained the Tuskegee Airmen. It’s the perfect place to tire your little ones out before the car ride home.

There were several other places that were highly recommended to visit in Kentucky, but it was either closed (COVID) or we didn’t get a chance to go on this trip.

1. National Corvette Museum

2. Lost River Cave

3. Beech Bend Park & Splash Lagoon

4. Mammoth Cave National Park

5. Historic Rail Park and Train Museum

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