Milan, Italy with a Toddler

Italy was one of my favorite destinations during our Europe trip. Everything from the food to the gelato, to the people made it all worth it. Our goal for our Europe trip was to visit 5 countries, and Italy has always been somewhere that I wanted to visit, even it was for one day. I used Skyscanner and found some $40 roundtrip tickets which left early in the morning from Paris CDG Airport and after an hour flight, arrived in Milan MXP Airport at 8:30 am.

Once we arrived, we caught the Malpensa Express which is a direct fast train from the airport to the city center which is about a 35-minute ride. The cost was 20 euros roundtrip, Carson was free. There were also bus and taxi options available as well. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 9:30 pm so we had roughly 9-10 hours to explore Milan.

Places we visited: Once we arrived at the city center we walked about 5 minutes to the Duomo Cathedral. The cathedral is completely BREATHTAKING! You can go in for a price, but due to the line, we opted to just get some nice shots in front of it.

For my shoppers, next to the Duomo is an outdoor mall with several stores, restaurants, gelato spots, bakeries etc. While in Milan we also visited the Sforzesco Castle. The castle is free to walk through the courtyards, but to go inside it is 5 euros. Behind the castle is a huge park called the Sempione. If you walk all the way around you will see the Arc della Pace, the civic aquarium, an old arena, and more. The park had an amazing playground that Carson enjoyed. Right next to the playground there’s a go kart race track for kids as well.

Not to far from these attractions is the famous Leonardo DaVinci “The Last Supper” ORIGINAL painting, which is housed in the Milan Museum.

Where we ate:

Im sure you’re wondering was the food as good as most people say Italian food is? And the answer is…. YES!!!! We ate at a restaurant which was right in front of the Duomo. (I forgot the name) We at outside so that we could have the perfect view of Italy. The food wasn’t as pricey as Paris. The had any type of pasta, pastry, pizza and wine, that you could think of. As you can see from the picture, the food was CARSON APPROVED.

If you have never had REAL Gelato, then Italy will completely gain your heart. We had gelato at least 3-4 times while we were there. It was AMAZING!

One thing I wish we had to time do was a cooking class. There were several classes, even some specifically designated for kids. Due to time constraints, we had to opt out if it.

All in all Milan was beautiful and it inspired me to visit other areas of Italy in the next year or so.

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