10 ways that I am able to afford to travel

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Many people often think that I work for an airline with the way Carson and I travel. Although I wish I did, I don’t. I’m a full time working mama of two jobs, who still finds a way to make time for my passion of traveling.

Here are some ways I have been able to afford to travel:

1. I cut out cable. (I still do internet because I telework for my job a few days a week.) My house is a Netflix, Fire-stick household.

2. I cook instead of eating out. Every now and then I will go out with friends to brunch, but I don’t eat out every day or week. I buy something and meal prep for the entire week. Trust me it saves money!

3. Although I have an emergency savings account, I also set up a travel savings account and put whatever I can into there each month. Sometimes its $20 sometimes its $500.

4. I choose experiences over material items. For me this means choosing to travel over purchasing designer items, expensive gifts, and hosting extravagant events. I shop sales, purchase for our needs over wants, and put whatever is left into my travel savings account. Im team goodwill and clearance all day!!

5. I don’t do huge events for my son’s birthday. I would rather travel for his birthday until he asks for a party. Which I hope he never does. I also don’t go overboard for Christmas, being that he is the first grandchild on both sides, he gets enough of that from his grandparents.

6. I used my lap child benefits to the FULLEST. Kids under 2 fly free on your lap for domestic flights. International flights you only pay a tax for them.

7. I only book flight deals. Sometimes these flight deals require you to fly airlines like spirit or frontier, but you can’t be picky if you want to stick within your budget. (I will be writing a separate post on how to fly Spirit efficiently later)

8. Because I work for the government, I use my federal holidays to my advantage. Its a free PAID holiday.

9. I am flexible with dates. Weekend travel is typically $100-200 more expensive. So, if I see a flight leaving a Thursday coming back on Sunday or Monday, that’s way cheaper. I book it!!!

10. I don't discriminate against airlines! (depending on where i'm going) I fly flight deals on Frontier and Spirit ALL THE TIME!!! I actually flew Spirit on my most recent flight to Colombia, and had no issues!

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