Holiday Travel Tips

It’s almost the busiest time of the year for the Airports and roads. Billions of Americans will be traveling to see loved ones and friends for the holidays. Here are some things to make your holiday travel with your children runs smoothly.

1. Get Travel insurance

When booking a flight, we have all seen that button that ask us to click YES or NO to purchase travel insurance. I’m guilty of clicking no a majority of the time. But during the holidays delays and cancellations are common and travel insurance is extremely useful.

2. Get there EXTRA EARLY!

Yes TSA suggest to get to the airport 2 hours early. During the holidays the lines are double in size both at the ticketing counter and TSA. I suggest getting there 2.5-3 hours before your flight especially if your flying from a large airport. Note: I posted tips on getting through TSA in a separate post (scroll down)

3. Pack MORE than enough extra supplies for infants and toddler!

Again Delays are common during Christmas travel. Make sure you pack more then enough diapers, wipes, snacks, formula, etc My rule of thumb if in my mind I’m saying I need 10 diapers, I really need 15!

4. Make sure electronics are fully charged for those children who are obsessed with their tablets. It keeps them occupied and content while waiting for the flight. If you have Netflix make sure to download their favorite movies so that they can watch it just in case the airports wifi is slow.

5. Find out if your airport has a Indoor Playground, if not find an area that’s not congested for kids to run around and tire out. This comes in handy if you get through security early and have a few hours before your flight or if your flight is delayed.

Are you Ditching the airport and traveling on the road? Here are some Road Trip Tips

1. Depending on how long the drive is, Leave at the child’s nap or bedtime. It makes the drive much easier and quieter because they are resting.

2. If the child is up make sure you have enough activities to keep them busy. (Tablet, toys, coloring books, V-Tech learning toy etc)

*Download movies on Netflix if you don’t have a WiFi or hotspot connection.

3. I also recommend buying a car seat Activities tray.(Amazon) It allows the child to color, play and prevents toys from falling off.

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