Best Travel Apps to Download

For Flights

Sky Scanner

Skyscanner is one of the best ways to find affordable flights as well as hotels and car rentals.


Have you ever searched for a slight and hesitated on purchasing it because you were waiting to see if the price would go down? Download Hopper now. It predicts prices with 95% accuracy up to one year I advance.



Vacation homes for families/ large groups are always a more affordable option. AirBnb is one of the top sites to search for that perfect place for your vacation. Our AirBnb in Cuba even came with a chef to make us breakfast every morning.

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight allows you to easily find a last minute cheap unsold room for a great deal.

Best App to Check Reviews

Trip Advisor

Anytime I travel anywhere out of state/ country I immediately go to Trip Advisor. It allows customers to post real reviews of flights, hotels, excursions etc. Customers are also allowed to post pictures of their experience as well.

Best Travel Apps for Discounts on Attractions/ Getaways/ Restaurants


Groupon has deals on hotels, restaurants, excursions, and Getaways. Although I haven’t tried any Groupon Getaways yet, I plan to in the new year.

Best App to Book tours


Finding trustworthy tour companies can be overwhelming. Not with Viator! Search attractions for the destination you’re visiting with this platform that allows you sort by interests, tour length and more.

AirBnb has also started something similar on their page.

Best App to Avoid Getting Lost

Google Maps

I know most people already have Google Maps on their phones, if you don’t what are you thinking?!? However not many people know you can download offline maps for you’re visiting for when you don’t have service. Here are the instructions to do so on Apple as well as Android.

Maps Me

Maps Me was a lifesaver for us when we visited Cuba. It’s one of the largest offline map systems you can find. There’s a reason over 100 million travelers use Maps Me. Download it for Apple or Android here.

Best Translation App

Google Translate

This was a lifesaver in Cuba when trying to communicate with some of the locals.

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