Beaches in Bali

Bali has several well know beaches. 95% of people go there to catch some waves by partaking in surfing. While others, like me enjoy more of the relaxing feel. We spent one full day beach hopping in Bali. I found a few beaches that I fell completely in love with and recommend for those traveling with kids. 1. Padang Padang Beach 2. Pandawa Beach 3. Nusa Dua

What I like about the following beaches: 1. Beautiful water at all of them 2. Pandawa has a real shallow area so Carson was able to stand up in it alone 3. Nusa Dua has private beaches for more of an upscale experience 4. Padang Padang scenery is just breathtaking!!! 5. You don’t have too many people coming up to you begging you to buy products in comparison to busy beaches like Kuta.

What I don’t like: You do have to pay a small fee to enter these beaches.

Look at the pictures and see how excited Carson was to be on a white sand, clear water beach!!!

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