Bali Zoo; Elephant Mud Fun

If you’re feeling adventurous and decide to come to Bali, I highly recommend doing the Elephant Mud Fun experience at the Bali Zoo.

The price ranges from $80-111 USD depending on if you need hotel pick up or not.

Included in the price is zoo admission, water, Buffet lunch, towel, coffee, Balinese snack, locker for your belongings, m, and your mud fun activity.

The zoo just started this program in November of 2018 so it’s fairly new.

Children must be 120 cm and over to participate but thanks to Carson’s smile, charm and will to get whatever he wants they allowed him into the enclosure with us, we just had to keep him out the water.

You spend about 1.5 hours with the elephants up close and personal. Activities include preparing their food, feeding them, getting in the water and giving them a mud bath(keeps their body temp low on hot days), giving them a sand bath and rinsing them off.

They have professional photographers but you are also able to use your phone to take pictures as well.

Having the opportunity not only for me but my two year old as well is a memory that I will cherish for eternity. I think Carson has found his new favorite animal

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