Bali Baby Hire

Traveling with your kids to Bali and you don’t feel like lugging your car seat, stroller and baby bed to Bali?

Although car seats aren’t required in Indonesia, there’s a company called Bali Baby Hire that allows you to rent them among other essential baby items for a very reasonable fare. They have car seats, strollers, a safety gate to go around a pool (if you have a villa with a private pool), walkers, baby monitors, high chairs, bed rails etc. Pretty much any accessory that you would need for your little one.

Bali baby hire can either deliver it to your hotel, or straight to the airport upon your arrival. They even have an air conditioned shuttle with pre installed car seats if you want to use them to transport you around.

I chose not to take Carson’s car seat, but it’s good to know that if I really wanted one while we were there, that I had the option to rent one!

The website for Bali baby hire is:

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