Air BnB or Hotel?

Top reasons to stay in a hotel vs Airbnb:

· All the amenities are at hand and if they’re not, there’s someone to help you just a short phone call away.

· Hotels are usually situated in the perfect locations for sightseeing, business meetings and of course the restaurants and bars.

· They’re seemingly the better alternative when traveling with children. Whether it’s a kids’ club service you need, extra sheets in the early hours of the morning, a set up crib on arrival or even a theme park on site? Hotels make sure that your comfort and entertainment are well taken care of.

· Everything is guaranteed with hotels. You know exactly what you’re going to get when you walk in and how you’re supposed to leave it. It’s the familiar feeling we love to have when we travel.

Of course all of this comes at a price and depending on the location of your trip, staying at a hotel can compromise a budget quite easily. So if it’s the cheaper alternative you’re looking for or you’re traveling in a bigger group – hotels may not be the ideal option for you.

Top reasons to stay in an Airbnb vs Hotels

· Airbnb gives you the opportunity to rent an entire home or even a room in a shared space and pay by the night, rather than per person. This usually works out a lot cheaper for big groups.

· Having your own space (possibly even full-stocked kitchen, living room, etc) also provides you with a lot more freedom to relax, enjoy each-others’ company and of course cater for yourself.

· Because you normally have a full kitchen, you can cook instead of eating out (saves money)

· With Airbnb you shouldn’t expect any amenities or services and with a cleaning fee added on at the end of every booking – you definitely don’t receive a turn down service. This can sometimes translate to lower prices than hotels in the area.


Whatever source of lodging you choose remember:

If a hotel is more your thing, boutique hotels tend to be a little cheaper so do some extra research on your next destination.

Be sure to read Airbnb’s reviews on location, quality and security (this is usually a more reliable source than the actual listing) and always book with a reputable host

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