5 things to do in Paris with Kids

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

1. The famous Eiffel Tower of course. It’s so breathtaking to see in person. At night it lights up and sparkles for 5 minutes at the top of every hour.

2. Louvre Museum: Although we didn’t go inside, tickets are free for kids up till they turn 18!! Carson loved seeing the pyramid and there is even a pretty nice park nearby for your kid to blow off some energy!

3. Luxembourg Garden: A park filled with a great playground, a fountain pond for sailing small wooden boats, puppet show, carousel, and many statue-lined paths to explore.

4. Disneyland Paris!!! It’s cheaper then Disney world, and kids up to 3 are free!!!!

5. Do a day trip via train to another country! We did one to Belgium and Amsterdam! Totally worth it!

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