5 reasons to Travel with your Kids

1. Kids make you see traveling differently.

A lot of times as adults, we are constantly on the move and forgetting to live in the moment. Kids make you take the time to focus on creating memories. They are so excited to soak in the experience that it forces you to slow down and take it all in with them.

2. You meet more people traveling with kids

I can’t even count the amount of amazing people I’ve met and are still friends with from flying with Carson. Due to his cuteness, his love for pushing his suitcase, and his charming personality, people completely drawn to him.

3. It teaches your kids to adapt to different situations easier.

From the time change, to the climate, to the different cultures, food etc I was completely shocked that my picky eater 2 year old, loved the fact that he could eat noodle for breakfast while in Bali.

4. Exposure

One thing I knew that I didn’t want to do as a parent is shelter my child. I wanted him to see different cultures, customs, religions, ethnicity, ways of living etc. I want him to learn to accept and love everyone regardless of their status. Every time we travel to a country, I take him to do some type of volunteer work to teach him not to take his luxuries for granted.

5. Its A Learning Experience

No matter how young your child is, or how much people say they won’t remember, children’s minds are like sponges and they absorb EVERYTHING that they see and do. Everything to them is a learning experience. I 100% believe that Traveling teaches your kids way more then they can EVER learn in the classroom.

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