5 Reasons to take a Mom-Cation

As much as I absolutely love to travel with Carson, I know how important self care is, especially as a Mother.  The beginning of 2019, I vowed to do more for ME physically, emotionally and mentally. To find out who I am again outside of being a mother, with out the pressures of MOMMY GUILT! 

For my first annual Mom-Cation, I did a trip with some of my closest friends from college (Tuskegee University) to Los Angeles, and it was EVERYTHING I needed and more. 

Here are 5 reasons to do a Mom-Cation:

1. It’s good for your health:

Going away on your own, means you can reclaim your health. Whether that means cooking healthy meals for one, getting a full nights sleep, having the time to exercise with out the kids in the way etc 

2. It allows you to reconnect with you friends:

Having children sometimes means less time being able to call or text your close friends. This can be a chance to reminisce on funny memories, bond, and rebuild that friendship. 

3. You can set YOUR OWN schedule and move at your OWN pace:

Wake up when you want, go to sleep when you want, you don’t have to schedule activities or excursions around someone else’s Nap-Time or lunch time. You get the chance to go with the flow and at the beat of your own drum. 

4. You can find yourself again:

As a mom, you often loose your own identity. Going on a Mom-Cation, allows you to have “Me Time” which is crucial for your mental health. A mom cation helps you to refresh your mind and spirit, re balance your outlook on life, and gives you more inspiration to pursue your dreams and hobbies. 

5. It makes you a better mom:

Ironically, going away without your children improves your attitude when you are back with them. It allows you to miss and appreciate them even more. It gives you the chance to de-stress and comeback 10X better as a mother! 

So Moms, take the time out to do something for YOU!! Find a sitter for the weekend, book a flight or even do a stay-cation at a local hotel. 

You deserve it! 

I just landed 2 hours ago, and I’m already planning my 2020 Mom-Cation. 

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