10 International Travel Safety Tips

We all spend weeks, months even years planning for the perfect vacay. From the flight, to the hotel, to transportation. One thing in the back of my mind constantly is SAFETY. Here’s some tips to ensure that your next vacation goes safe and smooth:

1. Pack over the counter Medications. ESPECIALLY if you are going out of the country for you and your kids. As well as making sure you have all prescribed medicine.

2. Make sure you look at google maps and see where the nearest hospital is to your lodging in case of an emergency. Both for international and domestic trips.

3. Print and email copies of your passport to yourself.

4. Make sure you know the local emergency number. 911 is not UNIVERSAL

5. Bring Cash for international trips. I personally do not like using my credit card when out the country. I would rather convert cash to be on the safer side from fraudulent activity.

6. Bring your own carbon monoxide detector. These can be found in local stores, and on sites like amazon.

7. Keep your back pack on you at ALL TIMES, unless you have someone else watching it for you. And by watching, I mean holding it tight. Backpack thefts, especially of American tourist are becoming way more common.

8. Make sure someone at home knows your lodging address, phone number, your itinerary, flight information etc just in case anything goes wrong. I email my mom everything before we leave.

9. Check your health insurance plan and make sure it covers international trips, or some airlines even cover medical emergencies when you book your trip.

10. Have fun, but still be vigilant and always be aware of your surroundings. I fully understand that you cant fully plan for EVERYTHING, especially in the world as we know it today, but just being prepared goes a long way.

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